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remaining kbrinl for safety testing and better record keeping but the mayor was outraged by a change to the deal that he says will give pg&e more than $100 million. >> now, they'rejpg giving 11% profit margins on the lives of >> the commissiinn aloud utilities to make money from improvements. >> pg&e owns state of california and p.u.c. it's shameful they'd allow behaviors. >> we know we made mistake asks have a lot of work to do. both on systems and regaining trust of customers. this is a plan put forward to address new safety expectations that were set by the cpuc. >> this is about 1.5%. the commission said shareholders not customers will have to handle any cost
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overruns because it was pg&e business practice that's led to this situation. >> john, thank you. >> clear and crisp this morning, wet, windy tonight. weather is changing right now, freezing temperatures this morning left ice on puddles in the wetlands overnight, frost developing on lawns around the bay. but now, a new wave of rain is just an hour or two away. >> this is already here, check out live doppler 7 hd. we have our own radar that is tracking the storms as their first coming in from the northwest. this is another cold storm, you'll notice from santa rosa towards clear lake, down to street level, out towards this area there is some light to
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moderate rain. here is a look at the timing of the storm. it's a slow moving storm. rain is still north bay, parts of the east bay. and half moon bay. 7:00 a.m. many of you possibly getting away for holidays still going to be wet,u]ñ, windy and it doesn't end there. i'll be back with a detailed look of the holiday forecast coming up. carolyn? >> thank you. we'll see you then. >> tonight investigators are still looking into the death of a dirt bike rider hit by a train. a bakersfield bound train struck that biker this morning. police say the rider was somehow ended up underneath the last car of the train where he was you crushed. his identify ti has in the yet been released. >> and in oakland two, pedestrians were sent to the hospital. two cars careened onto the
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sidewalk. this afternoon, two people standing on that street corner were hit both of the people are expected to be okay.dbrx >> san francisco mayor supporting gun control measures now following killings in newtown, connecticut. ed lee presented a plan that will be taken up by the board of supervisors. >> the mayor says he feels strongly about laws after what happened in newtown, connecticut and points out that here in san francisco, the number of homicides has gone up. 67, so far this year. >> prayers for a fallen teen recited near the place in the bay view neighborhood where he was murdered on saturday. the san francisco archdiocese holds these services at sites were homicides occur. >> young people are dying. they're the kmu tour of the communities. >> the mayor says now is the time to take action to try to
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stop shootings. the mayor says he's supporting local legislation on gun controls. supervisor cohen will produce laws on january 15th. the first banning certain ammo like hollow point bullet autos so on impact, it has abilities to explode in a larger radius. and when it hits, the body, then, it becomes this kind ofk'e body in a larger way. >> the mayor says this type was designed for law enforcement, not for people on the streets of san francisco. dr. campbell is a surgeon at sf general. >> larger weapons create devastations in victims. when they strike a victim, it's like a bomb going off. >> second proposal would require police to be notified when someone buys 500 or more rounds of ammunition. used for assault weapons. >> so we cannot only track
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those people that are buying ammunition, but frequency of purchase, as you can stockpile that ammunition. >> the mayor says he will reach out to other mayors to convince them to adopt similar legislation. >> and california senator announced she will support or introduce a ban, bill, also in january. and the mayor of san francisco says he will support that, too. in san francisco, abc 7 news. >> let's talk about gun violence on the bay now. an innocent victim has become the 124th homicide victim. the 47-year-old shot and killed last night, walking home from a store near her home on international boulevard. police tell us that she was caught up in the cross fire of two shooters and not their intended target. she was the mother of two, and grandmother of four.
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>> i never hurt nobody or did nothing to nobody. or anything like this to happen to her. she was a good person. >> this affected a lot of people. you know? not just her children, but children in the community. >> and investigators hoping witnesses and kramz can lead them to the killers. >> the president said going after marijuana yuners will wo not be a top priority. right now, justice department is trying to shut down medical marijuana dispensaries operating in oakland and san jose. it's a case heard before a magistrate today. abc 7 news is in the newsroom for us. >> in july, prosecutors zeroed in on the health center by targeting building owners. harborside attorney says whatever the judge decides will affect other cannibis dispensaries in cal and across the country. the federal government calls
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harborside a super store. it's largest medicalsbkç marijua dispensary in the nation with more than 100,000 patients visiting two locations. one in san jose, and this main facility in oakland. >> this year, we will contribute close to $4 million in combined revenue. we have been a benefit, not just to patients but the community. >> the city of oakland has taken the unprecedented step of suing the federal government to prevent harborside from being shut down. what that stake is mer than just money, it's also about public safety. >> they wouldg-8ñ be sell investigated to the back)éx9> alleyways. then we have to divert police resources to address the criminal activity. >> but activity on the fed radar is what's happening at harborside. the justice department tactic is to go egg avenue land lords,
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threatening to seize their properties unless pot sales stop. today, assistant u.s. attorney said they can sell popcorn there, and candy but cannot use for illegal purposes. the landlords are trying to comply and ask the judge today for preliminary injunctions to force harbor side to obey. >> given the government's for fit -- fort fit you're action shea she has no choice but to act in what the government wants. the government wants harborside shut down. >> the city believes five year statute of limitations passed, for the feds to make a move, since harborside has been praigt six years. the city suit argues the federal government is exceeding it's authority, after promising a hands off approach to legitimate cannibis dispensary autos i feel like they have better things to do. they should be focused on
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other issues. not weed. >> the u.s. attorney's office says because this is pending litigation, they have no comment. there is no timetable for the judge to rule in z.doors to harborside remain open n the newsroom, abc 7 news. >> all right, thank you. is still head here tonight, stockholder backlash against a silicon valley giant. did hewlett-packard spend $11 billion on a product that didn't exist? >> the city announced a small fortune in overpaid parking tickets. how did that happen? will you ever get your money back? >> nasa tonight with some new revelations about the meteor that fell to earth last spring. where it came from, how fast
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fraud, cover up both allegations of hp share holder is leveling against palo alto company board of directors. abc 7 news's david louie says that is a new twist surrounding the troubled purchase of the software company. the web site has plenty of did he tails about idle 10 based on technology. a british software company hp bought last year, however this, sharer2b?m holder lawsuit claims the board is engaging in fraud because idle 10 doesn't exist. >> executives of the company including the directives knew this product didn't exist. yet, november 29th, a year ago,
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they told the world they had this new, next generation platform. it did not exist. >> other companies turned down offers to buy auto nominee as too costly. shareholder attorneys claim hp is trying to whitewash a deal gone sour. >> if you buy a product, it doesn't work, you don't tell the public it work autos the board is on a hot seat, including silicon valley pioneers meg whitman and mark andresan. should they have known better? >> mark is not necessarily a super star evaluation expert or accountant. so i would say no. and in that case, i don't think the premise applies since it was a technology company, not a silicon valley base. it didn't have roots here, there would have been no, sort
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of ear to the ground inside information that the silicon valley giants would have. >> lawsuit was filed near san jose. it's expect that had insiders may step forward to help support claims of fraud. in san jose, abc 7 news. >> if you get a parking ticket you may have money coming back to you. an analysis shows that drivers overpaid parking tickets by an astounding $316,000 that. is just in one 12 month period.í8!÷ú drivers mistakenly paid or somehow paid it twice. and the city should have refund that had overpayment but never did. the auditor calls it disturbing. >> no evidence. that they have pro actively refunded for this whether $50 or $200, we need to return that money to our system. >> it's not a place yet, but the city agreed to set up a process for the overpaid fines as require bid state law.
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it found the city lost out on half a million dollars because of missed collection targets by parking control attendants. >> the obama administration today proposed expansion of two northern california marine sanctuaries. the decision permanently bans oil drilling along 50 miles of the coastline from son noma county to mendocino this, marks the largest planned expansion in 20 years. along with a ban on oil drilling other rules will go into affect including when cruise ships can release sewage into the ocean. >> scientists say they struck gold with a meetoite their found that was spotted by weather radar crashing down near the town.g1dc] scientists able to rush to the site and recover most of, one of the most pure samples of a primitive meteor they've seen and determine it fell at twice the speed of a typical meteorite. it was clocked at 64,000 miles per hour. causing the biggest impact on land since a meteorite fell in
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the sudan four years ago. >> some changes coming to our weather. a bit of a warm up. with that, comes rain. >> that is right. >> let's check out live doppler 7 hd. the rain moved in and we have our own radar. this is in combination with national weather service radar. keeping you ahead of the storm. and it's here. it's already getting breezy out there. rain down towards winsor, jant rosa as mentioned. i'm going to taek you in closer here showing you highway 101 there is some light to moderate rain. steel clain, out towards fourth street, montgomery drive. watch out. it's getting wet and going to be rough as winds are picking up, temperatures now into 50s, 48 degrees in fairfield. here are the highlights. wet, windy for morning commute. winter arrives at 3:12. more rain is coming up for the
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weekend. here is a look at satellite and radar. it's a cold storm coming out of the gulf of alaska but it's slow moving. so, this slow moving front will get to you and then, we have a couple more waves of rain coming in this weekend, so don't put umbrellas away just yet. if you have plans, or you still have lots of shopping to do, here is a look at timing of the system. 7:00 p.m. half moon bay getting wet. as we head into morning commute, many of you heading out of the door if you're traveling you'll notice rain line does not shift much. light to moderate, winds will be gusting at times, 7:00 a.m. we still have rain. finally starting to shift towards the livermore valleys. and there are periods of rain, get away does not look good. more rain coming in saturday morning even possibilities of
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thund yes, 5:00 a.m. looking heavy with that system coming through here, then, scattered showers and some snow into lake county area mixing in with the rain there. rainfall totals up to six inches in north bay counties -- mountains until 7:00 p.m. saturday. up to four inches in santa cruise mountains right now, worse case scenario, urban and small stream flood sag possibility. rivers look line. -- fine. we've not had much rain but we do have a wind advisory until 4:00 a.m. tomorrow, until 10:00 a.m. for sansoky francisco pin anyoe slarks coast, southerly winds, gusts to 50. watch out for trees and power lines getting knocked down. this is what i'm concerned about. if you have trag;je plans there are winter storm warnings, sierra nevada check out this low snow level, 2000, 1500 interstate five and 80. 50, likely will get impacted.
6:19 pm
sierra will be under that winter storm warning. tomorrow orning -- morning until sunday, sock p.m. quarter mile. chain controls will be likely#v. it will be wet, windy. make sure you have rain gear, low 40s to low 50s p highs for tomorrow on the cool side, upper 40s around clear lake, u$xn the 50s. here is the accu-weather forecast. looking at chance of thunder, saturday periods of rain throughout the weekend. christmas eve dry for santa. kplas day, looking dry. just a chance of rain. that is it. i like that. >> yes. and more rain wednesday. >> so that new scooter i'm hoping for? >> i'm hoping. >> at least in morning hours. >> rip it off. >> thank you. >> very much. >> we're not the only ones under the spell of a big storm tonight. >> no. we're going to show you
6:20 pm
snow conditions plaguing the mid west. serious weather in that part of the c
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[ female announcer ] martinelli's gold medal sparkling cider is the perfect choice for holiday gatherings. martinelli's is non-alcoholic, festive like champagne, and tastes great! martinelli's: since 1868.
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late word from washington on republican plan b to avoid the so called fiscal cliff that is coming. house speaker john boehner said he would bring to it a vote today. ñ ago, postponed it. it would raise tax rates only on people that make $1 million or more. the white house wants the cutoff point to be $400,000. democrat nancy pelosi said it would add half a billion dollars to the deficit. she called on republicans to stop introducing quote, bills to know where. -- nowhere. >> and who served in the senate 50 years died monday at age 88 of respiratory come politics his body now lies in state in the capitol row tunda. a tribute paid to only 30 other people. last being president ford, six years ago, but now, senator from hawaii honor that had way as well. >> despite apparent stalemate over the fiscal cliff,5zl stock
6:24 pm
prices went up today, dow jones gained almost 60 points, nasdaq and s and p both inched up as well. sales of previously owned homes have risen to highest levels in three years, up 5.9% last month, the industry now on track to8'm sell more than five million homes this year, ora cell of redwood city continues to move away from selling software to softwares a service. ora cell today agreed to pay nearly $900 million to buy a company making cloud-based marketing application autos and still to come tonight here on abc 7 news at 6:00 a gun violence task force meets for the first time on a cut kit school tragedy. we're going to be live tonight. >> plus ls tonight i team shows just how far a conartist will go. a rippoff with puppy appeal. >> and michael fibby trns to a hockey team to find out texting in cold weather.
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well, nasa's -- napa's snow storm is blasting the mid west, in iowa, heavy winds and a foot of snow over 24 hours led to a 25 car pile thaup killed two people on highway 35 north of des moines, state police say seven others were injured in the crash. air travelers hunkering down across the region, thousands of flights have been cancelled. that is affecting travelers from coast to coast. southwest is one carrier canceling out all flights into, and out of chicago midway airport sm. carriers are waving fees for traveler that's want to change plans from kansas to wisconsin long stretches of highways of closed including interstate 80 and nebraska i 29 running from kansas city, st. louis, and wisconsin have called out national guard to help rescue drivers stranded in this storm. >> just underway now in san jose, a vigil for victims of
6:29 pm
the school tragedy in connecticut. a city supervise jor bringing church and community groups together, they're getting ready to write messages on ornament that's will be placed on a tree, displayed throughout the holidays. another endless stream of funerals, heart breaking everyone, five more victims of the school shootings laid to rest today, u.s. attorney eric holder met with some of the first responders to the scene. in washington vice president biden met with members of the cabinet with law enforcement officials from around the country, he said the administration is absolutely committed to curving gun violence in the united states. now, tomorrow, morning at 6:28 our time, church bells will ring across the country and abc news will have a special report stho it live. we'll stream it live on abc 7 a special edition of night
6:30 pm
line tonight. a day in the life of the american gun, stories told from point of view of police, hospitals schools and gun lovers after abc 7 news at 11:00 tonight. >> abc 7 news i team identified a new internet scam. you're now a target even if you're just trying to akopt dopt a puppy. >> yes. it's a story we broke at 11:00. >> these guys don't care what time of the year it is, who you are, they just want your money. >> it's been a tough year for debbie. after 30 years with the postal sfrks she slipped coming off a truck, broker ankle and heel. she broke them again, then, fell down stairs and broke her other ankle. recovering from surgeries has been difficult. debbie rarely leaves an apartment. >> within seconds your life can be turned upside down. >> with the holidays approaching, she thought a puppy might lift her spir
6:31 pm
yismts something small, a tea cup yorky. >> yes. it's going to motivate me to do more than what i can do at this point. >> debbie went online found a woman who supposedly lives in pennsylvania with two yorkies she wanted to give away to a good home. she even sent pictures of the puppies. >> this one was two and a half pounds. and adorable. i thought eli and i would be a pair for years down the road. >> what was the deal? >> the deal was that all i had to do was pay air fare, 200s oodz she ignored early warning signs. she couldn't take a phone call because she was busy and wanted $200 wired through a friend in east palo alto she went to walmart to send a money gram. she walked past a sign showing where the money was headed. >> iá$p" thought i was sharper
6:32 pm
something such as i did, but emotions ran with me. >> it seemed legit. after paying she got the puppy flight from airborne pet movers world wide, then, problems began. storms in the mid west meant the puppy needed a special crate, $250. a correcting flight in nashville got delayed and the puppy ran out of food. >> they requested $130 for dog food its a lot of food for a little dog. >> yes that. is my question too,. you know? quite a the bit the of money to ask for dog food. >> her tab now more than $600 including money transfers. finally she received this e mail. the puppy had been poisoned and may not make it. eli needed $1500 worth of vaccines before she can fly. >> the red flag went up then. i knew that that was it. i was being scammed and there was going to be no dog.
6:33 pm
>> debbie reached scammers on the phone. >> what is your name? >> i am alexander bell. >> the same man had a different name. >> joe jackson. you over from africa somewhere? how are you going to have a name like that? >> she was on to something. in a request for $1500, the scammers asked her to wire the money to the city of duala in camaroon, west africa. >> i think any time you're being asked to wire in, you should realize that that is an opportunity for fraud to occur. >> i spoke with an fbi agent in washington, d.c. who work was ic 3, internet crime complaint center. she says many nations around the world do not have law that's protect consumers against internet fraud. and prosecuting scammers
6:34 pm
challenging. >> working a cyber fraud case is p complicated in part. it's concept of attribution. it will make sense to you who. said what? whose hands are on the keyboard? the neighborhood? in the state? in the country? is it outside of the united states? where are they? >> and look at this, i ran one photo through a search. same empicture appears in 100 ads around country, andor seas. same picture, but different supposed sellers. >> for debbie, it's not just about the money. she was so excited to get that puppy to help her through a difficult time. >> what do you think? >> i think it's a horrible thing. just like someone just sucker punch immediate in the stomach. and i'm reaching out now.
6:35 pm
>> the scammers in the case apparently had an accomplice. those transfers were picked up in palo alto. but you don't have to show id if it's under $899. the person and cash are long gone. i'm adding links to ic 3 and other resources on the i team page on abc 7 >> we understand that is so cool. >> she just wanted a cheer for holiday autos thanks very much. >> and still coming up, testing in cold weather. trying out a new pair of gloves promising to make it possible. >> you'll have that story and a local experiment in same day delivery. now, what you order online could be under the tree that afternoon. stay with us.
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in had this age of instant gratification, you know overnight shipping isn't fast enough anymore. >> that is why a handful of companies are getting into the businessu]kpv same day delivery insy cities like san francisco. >> here is the story. >> as he runs in to grab something from the best buy store, jacob jones almost blends in with holiday shoppers. but the difference? this is his job.
6:39 pm
he is a shopping valet for ebay now. >> we're dropping off these lightnings to usb cables for iphone 5. >> customers can summit a valet to deliver about an hour. >> i have an order waiting. >> the valets are employees of ebay, only dealing with one customer at a time. once collecting the money... that alert sound tells them where the next job is. >> you never know where you're going to go. you never know where you're going to start or end the day. >> it's in san francisco, and new york now, already, facing competition by services from amazon, post office, and now, walmart w christmas approaching jacob has seen no shortage of customers. >> i'm looking for this gift set. >> there is something magical
6:40 pm
for the customers. >> i can go back to the office. >> you're all done with me. >> it's a new delivery for a brave new world. >> they don't have time to go hop shopping on their own so. these apps and they get to spend more time to do things they want to. >> show this? delivery is normally $5. ebay now making it $3 so the idea of braving the parking lot sounds terrible to you, will cost you nothing to have someone else do it for you. in san francisco, abc 7 news. >> coming up, a musical hits the big screen. >> whether les
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all right. it's one of the little annoyances in live. texting in cold weather it can be challenging when fingers are numb. gloves just get in the way. tonight a product that claims to offer a solution.
6:44 pm
>> die hard skiers conquer elements on a cold and winter day. the bay area seals brave the chill. but the most athletic among us can't text with gloved hands in the cold. >> you can't feel fingera?y.w ts on the iphone. >> my hands have been cold. i can't text. >> that is where this digit comes in. it's a simple product zoined to make texting on the cold winter days manageable. >> this goes inside of the glove. >> this connects to that. >> we asked the seals to help us put them to the test. we shed hockey gloves and found normal mittens to test the products. first we tried without digits. letters refused to appear on the screen.
6:45 pm
frankie couldn't get started. >> i couldn't get my phone to unlock or open. >> both agree it would be useful. >> this[ú can make it easier. you know? we can get stuff done, quicker. >> two put on digits letting fingers do the rest. tips made have a conductive silicon. ryan and frankie see a difference. >> it's amazing. i can send a text now. it's clear. it's accurate. >> i think this is work on the mountains skiing. >> this retails for $11.99. other products are also available. i'm mike yim finney, 7 on your side. >> here comes the rain. >> yes. sandhya patel is here. >> yes. right now, tracking that rain is up in the north bay. clover dale, santa rosa getting wet now. i want to take you down to
6:46 pm
street level here parks civic avenue, seal lane heading towards montgomery drive. we're getting moderate rainfall now. ron yark park starting to pick up light rain taking you down to street level. if you have plans winter storm warnings this is where you may encounter travel delays. 46 in chico. 39 in tahoe down towards southern california, better travel conditions, 67 degrees for tomorrow in los angeles. tomorrow afternoon, highs with scattered showers looking at upper 40s to upper 50s. you'll need rain gear several days if you have shopping to do or you're traveling. chance of thunder saturday. dry christmas eve. christmas day looks fine. you can ride a scooter in the morning. but by christmas day, afternoon, evening, chance of rain in the north bay. >> could be roller skating. >> yes.
6:47 pm
>> les miserables the musical comes to the big screen for christmas. it has biggest advance sales for any film this year. abc 7 news has an advance review on the aisle. >> they're singing and captured on film, not being recorded so it's like a live theater experience. this is big. spectacular. hugh jackman has to be award winning as the man when served 19 years for stealing a loaf of bread. he's looking for redemption. that is russell crow. zp there is ann hathaway. if she doesn't get supporting actress award, we can start a revolution.
6:48 pm
>> this is so exorderry. everyone in the audition has been a great leveler for everyone. we're doing something new, driven by an ounce of fear. >> this is a film on a grand scale of a musical loved by many. >> i do hear the people sing f you're a fan you will not be disappointed. the look is impressive. it's what a big movie musical should be. it's holidays so i have to give it a full bucket. i'm don sanchez and we'll see you on the aisle. >> it's great. >> yes. >> this is don's final on the
6:49 pm
aisle review, retiring after more than 40 years here. >> we'll have a special look back at his career tomorrow evening on abc 7 news at 6:00. -ññ a remarkable career. >> one of the nicest, most talented guys we've worked with. >> speaking of nice and talented larry beil. >>. i wasn't expecting that. yes. >> that is personal. >> thank you. >> the 49ers get set for sea hawks and goldson is lighter in the wallet because of this, used to be a legal it hit in the nfl. not anymore. now, it
6:50 pm
6:51 pm
6:52 pm
good evening, looks like justin smith will see a string of 185 starts come to an enld on sunday night with niners visiting seahawks. smith's injured elbow kept him out of practice this week. he just may not be able to play. today, niners safety fine
6:53 pm
forward an illegal hit on sunday. the league perceives goldson as a multiple offender. he's are two extremely physical teams. the game pits coaching rival jim harbaugh. >> i don't remember getting cards from him. this team put a lot of energy. >> you know, i'm looking at opportunity like we say. you know it? will feel like that on game day and all that have. and it does give us an opportunity to be a championship team. >> the rose bowl is just a week and a half away. stanford will be playing the third straight bcs game this, is power versus power. two of the best running backs in the country.
6:54 pm
stephan tailor became the all time rushing leader rushing for 1442 yards this season, 12 touchdowns. here is tailor on facing badgers. >> all eyes are going to be on you. you've got to make big plays and big games. it is going to be up. but like i said you don't want to do stuff you've never done before. >> january 1 in passa deana. mark jackson said it as a broadcaster and said it again last night as a approach. mama said there are going to be days like this. there is a defense optional game. kings had seven players in figures they can't beat anyone
6:55 pm
else. >> we didn't play well. you know? we put together rhythm and scored but didn't play our upper end of bachbl they got it going early. and the we own it and look forward to learn from it. and try to put together this. >> the san francisco firefighters holiday toy drive is one of the largest programs in the country more than 200,000 toys donited to 40,000 needy children. >> this is what it's all about. it's about impact and making a difference. you know, gives us these firefighters a lot of credit for what they've done. >> about 100, 200 toys will be delivered and we're thankful san francisco is coming out to help us this, is the time of the year we need all of the help we can get for san francisco kids. >> it's a great program.
6:56 pm
this sports report brought to you by mercedes-benz. >> they do a great job. >> they do. >> thank you. channel 13. the ledge yebd of the fist, at 9:00 did fighting help shape evolution of our hands? >> then, giving back. san francisco police officers raise more than $1600 to help give students a sense of pride how this will help keep them safe on the streets. that is coming up on abc 7 news at 9:00 and 11:00. >> that is this edition of abc 7 news at 6:00. i'm dan ashley. >> from the entire abc 7 news team, thanks for joining us. >> hope to see you again at 9:00 and 11:00. [ female announcer ] martinelli's gold medal sparkling cider
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and now here is the host of "jeopardy!" -- alex trebek! thank you, johnny. thank you, ladie gentlemen, and welcome to our show. one of the things we have discovered about our champion, susan, is that she appears to be well-traveled,s andr because we've had a number of geography-type categories on the program recently. jen and mike, good luck to you. nice to have you with us. here we go -- the jeopardy! round... and these categories. each correct response will begin with the letter "r." we have webcams to deal with. alex: susan, you start.

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